Business News Report December 2022

South Africa: load-shedding compels companies to scale back

In 2022, South Africa was afflicted with more than 200 days of load shedding – one of the worst years for the country in terms of power shortage. Eskom, the state-owned company which supplies more than 90% of South Africa’s electricity has not managed to meet power demands.

This is mainly due to the poor management of aging coal-fired power stations which are often prey to breakdowns. As such, the power cuts have had a direct impact on the economy and South Africa’s recovery from the pandemic.

To fix this, the department of mineral resources and energy has signed 13 new power generation agreements to provide around 1,800 megawatts for the next few years.

HR is “too much work” shows a recent SHRM survey

A recent survey led by SHRM aimed to assess the workload of HR professionals in 2022. Among the 1,000 surveyed, 95% declare that human resources management is simply too much work. Additionally,

  • 91 percent said the last few years had been challenging.
  • 84 percent said they regularly felt stressed.
  • 81 percent said they were personally burned out.
  • 62 percent said they were considering leaving HR.

A vast majority of HR leaders said that the balance of HR work is still more administrative and process focused.

94% of respondents admitted that their workload, along with limited budgets, lack of resources, and lack of skill will greatly impact their performance in 2024. 83% of the participants mentioned not having access to the right HR technology to tackle 2024.

Africa HR Solutions: enabling NGOs across the African continent

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