Africa HR Solutions is the proud Headline Sponsor of the GPA Awards 2022 

As a leading employment outsourcing and payroll solutions provider over the last decade, Africa HR Solutions is delighted to be the headline sponsor for the Global Payroll Awards 2022.This year’s event will be hosted in Dublin, Ireland from 7.00 pm – 01.00 am BST on 22nd September 2022. 

Like every year, the Global Payroll Awards aim to celebrate and reward outstanding professionals within the Global Payroll industry. The titles to be awarded this year include: 

  • Transformation Project of the Year 
  • Employer of Record Organisation of the Year 
  • Global Payroll Supplier of the Year 
  • In-country Payroll Provider of the Year 
  • Payroll Manager of the Year 
  • Payroll Innovation Award 
  • International Payments Provider of the Year 
  • Payroll Software Supplier of the Year 
  • Payroll Specialist of the Year 
  • Payroll Student of the Year 
  • Payroll Team of the Year 
  • Payroll Consultant of the Year 

Additionally, this year’s edition introduces the new Automation and Integration Award 2022. 

The Africa HR Solutions family feels immensely proud to be given the chance to be the Headline Sponsor for such a crucial event – reflecting our own focus on delivering the best in terms of payroll and employment outsourcing solutions. Here is hoping we see you on 22nd September 2022! 

Kenyan agritech startup, iProcure, raises $10.2 million to promote its input supply network 

The agricultural sector in Kenya faces many challenges such as the shortage of agricultural inputs (fertilizers, seeds) or the increasing appearance of products that do not meet market standards in the country. It is important to note that agriculture in Kenya accounts for 23% of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and 40% of the country’s employment. 

With this in mind, Kenyan agritech startup, iProcure, has secured $10.2 million Series B financing with the help of Novastar Ventures, British International Investment (BII), and Ceniarth, and is led by Investisseurs & Partenaires – a capital market company. Structured as debt and equity, this funding will help ameliorate iProcure’s input supply network and facilitate its growth in Kenya, Uganda, and eventually Tanzania. 

Skill assessment trend is rising according to an SHRM survey 

A recent SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) survey has demonstrated that 56% of employers admitted they make use of pre-hiring assessments to quantify their applicants’ abilities.  

Additionally, 79% of HR professionals say that “skill assessment scores are just as or more important than traditional criteria.” 

Despite all this, 36% of respondents admit that a candidate that scores well in their assessment but eventually does not meet the post’s standards is very likely. 28% of employers surveyed said the same about candidates that did not meet the required education level. 

Interestingly, some employers claimed that they opt for degree programs to ascertain their candidates’ skills because it helps mitigate the risks. Experts stress that employers thinking about adopting skill-based hiring should expect a complete job description/functions overhaul to meet the new standards in 2022.