africa business report august 2022

Multinational mining company invests R510m in local education program

Anglo-American, the British listed diversified mining company, has launched its next phase in its education programme in South Africa. By investing an additional R510m into the initiative, the company aims to strengthen its commitment to improving outcomes in the education sector. 

This second phase will support an additional batch of 84 schools and roughly 80 ECD (Early Development Centres) over the next 5 years. R110m will serve to promote the current school infrastructure for learners and teachers alike. 

Anglo-American’s current chairperson stated that doubling the company’s investment in the educational sector is to make the fundamental right of every child to have access to quality education a reality, instead of simply acknowledging it. 

Mental Health Benefits – a rising trend in the world of employment

According to Mercer’s latest health on-demand report on 14,000 employees, a whopping 42% of talents with access to mental health benefits state that they are more likely to stay than if they did not have them. This survey also demonstrated that 44% of workers feel unsupported by their employers when they do not get access to said benefits. 

Talents who do not feel supported by their superiors feel unmotivated and, most of the time, display no sense of attachment for their company. Many business managers now understand that mental health support can no longer be regarded as an “optional perk” and is instead a must-have benefit for employees. 

To this, Dr. Sherry Benton, founder of TAO Connect says that providing a mental health support scheme is not only a way to show that you care for your talents but is also beneficial to the company. She explains that when people suffer from common disorders such as depression or anxiety, memory and concentration take a hit and any creative thinking is impaired. 

Africa HR Solutions – bulletproof compliance for companies willing to expand in Afric

The most important aspect of an expansion on the African continent is to ensure your operations are being carried out compliantly. To avoid any financial or legal mishaps, Africa HR Solutions can provide you with its much-needed guidance and local expertise across more than 44 countries in Africa. 

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