Business News Report December 2022

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The EU grants 100 million euros to support reforms in Tunisia

In the midst of its political and financial crisis, Tunisia was granted 100 million euros by the European Union in November 2022. The EU support program aims to support economic recovery efforts and provide much-needed aid in consolidating the progress the country already achieved.

Following COVID-19, the European Union strives to help Tunisians who suffered from the economic backlash of the pandemic. However, Tunisia’s unstable economy originates even further. Since 2011, the country has sunk into economic difficulties due to the revolution that same year. Suffering from a debt of more than 100% of its GDP, Tunisia managed to obtain a loan of around two billion dollars to be disbursed in installments starting in December.

Health equity is a growing priority, shows HR Dive study

According to a recent study by HR Dive, most employers (75%) admitted that addressing healthcare inequities would be their top priority for their strategy in 2021 (against 70% in 2020). 85% of employers interviewed said they plan to introduce at least one strategy to address women’s health and reproductive health by 2023 as a way to consolidate their health equity efforts.

A whopping 96% of employers admitted they were looking to provide financial aid to assist employees looking to travel to obtain reproductive care in a different location from their workplace. This also includes taking care of lodging costs incurred by their employees. The multiplying efforts in promoting health equity has left a lot of employers guessing what would be the next step to get ahead of this rising HR trend.