july 2022 africa business report

The U.S.-Africa Business Summit is headed to Morocco in July 2022 

On June 13th, 2022, the CCA (Corporate Council on Africa) officially announced the launch of the next U.S.-Africa Business Summit. Themed around ‘Building Forward Together’, the Summit will take place in Marrakech, Morocco between July 19th and July 22nd, 2022.  

The conference aims to address sectors such as cybersecurity and ICT, infrastructure, and the agribusiness sector to name a few. The focus of the Summit resides in the reinforcement of the U.S and Africa trade and investment following the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on this industry. 

Nearly 50% of employees wish to work remotely according to an SHRM survey

48% – this is the number of workers who would rather look for a remote position for their next job in 2022. According to a survey conducted by the SHRM Research Institute on 1,700 employees, 63% of participants agree that the idea of mandating on-site work is futile when the job can be achieved remotely. 

SHRM’s 2022 State of the Workplace survey also indicates that: 

  • Lack of labor force is not as big an issue for remote organizations. 
  • Employees who can work remotely report higher levels of satisfaction towards their companies – boosting employee experience. 
  • Remote companies allow for greater work flexibility. 

Africa HR Solutions provides best-in-class ancillary services to HR professionals

When you are planning a business expansion in Africa, you want to provide your workers with the best benefits and equipment available on the market. By partnering up with Africa HR Solutions, you can expect top-of-the-line ancillary services to facilitate your expansion and improve your experience. Here is a preview of what you can expect when you opt for our services: 

  • Attractive health/life insurance packages for your talents 
  • Cutting-edge laptops/phones and other equipment 
  • Car rental facilities 
  • Covered internet bills for your employees working from home 
  • Office space rental agreement in any country you wish to onboard your workers 
  • Sponsored pension plans for your talents 

Contact us now to find out more about our tailored services to assist your expansion in Africa.