Uganda - PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

Africa HR Solutions provides Uganda PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services for organizations that want to hire expats and local nationals in Uganda. We enable you to run payroll without first establishing a branch office or subsidiary in Uganda. Your workforce is hired according to local labor laws. 

As an Uganda PEO expert, Africa HR Solutions manages employment contract best practices and guarantees 100% compliance for your workers in Uganda.

How can Africa HR Solutions Help My Business in Uganda?

Africa HR Solutions, providing cost-effective, high quality and full outsourced payroll services is proactively involved in the African Tax Compliance industry, having the privilege to connect its multiple perspectives and possibilities across the African Market.

Africa HR Solutions and In-Country partners ensure its clients adhere to the following:

All administration procedures are respected as pursuant to the legislation because reporting is an integral part of our process.

All our clients are provided with a high quality and accurate monthly payroll

We clearly communicate all changes in social security plans as per required for employees.

We focus on flexibility and accuracy by working with organizations requiring In-country payrolls on the African continent.

We ensure that all details of employees are correctly recorded for new payroll processes

Companies with present occupational pension plans should also review their existing retirement benefit arrangements.

We offer a peace of mind that the In-country payroll will be fully compliant along with specific rules and regulations of the country assigned.

Advise on processes and procedures to ensure accurate source documentation.

Either you belong to the mine, oil & gas, banking & finance, construction, forestry, engineering, IT & Telecom, NGOS sectors, we’ll provide you the best services suiting you and your company.

Payroll Outsourcing in Uganda

Major Imports:

Refined petroleum

Packaged medicaments


Palm oil


Major exports:






Main trading partners:



South Sudan

The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Netherlands.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

$76.9 billion

4.9% growth

5.2% 5-year annual growth

$2,023 per capita

Unemployment Rate: 3.8%

Global Ranking in Economy Progress 2016: 102nd


Kampala is the official capital city of Uganda and the largest city as well divided in five divisions: Kampala Central Division, Kawempe Division, Makindye Division, Nakawa Division, and Lubaga Division. Kampala is an energetic and vibrant city which attracts a number of visitors and expats. Bars, restaurants, markets, hotels, transport facilities are all accessible to the tourists. It is also home to the industrial, cultural and governmental infrastructures.


Ugandan shilling


Uganda is a multilingual country but English is the official language of the country used for education, commerce and administrative purposes. However, other native languages such as the Swahili is widely spoken in the country.


The Ugandan economy is full of potential and continues improving. Gifted by an abundance of natural minerals agriculture is the main industry of the country as it products nearly the main crops of the country as well as employing the majority of locals. The manufacture industry plays an important role as the beer production has dramatically increased recently. As Kampala’s urbanization holds the country’s latest growth, Uganda tourism platform is evolving and gaining expansion.


Each element of the Uganda flag is symbolic: the horizontal bands of black at the top represent the African people, yellow sunshine and vitality, red African brotherhood; the crane was the military badge of Ugandan soldiers under the UK.

Here at Africa HR, We Offer A Professional Employment Organization (PEO) Facility.

We provide businesses with wide range of human resources services which includes:

Human Resources Management

Salary Surveys

Payroll Administration and processing

Immigration Solutions

Recruiting and Outplacement support

Government Compliance