Zimbabwe HR Outsourcing Services

Landlocked between South Africa and Zambia, Zimbabwe is rich in mining resources and agricultural resources. After around a decade plagued by hyperinflation, Zimbabwe has been rebuilding its economy with the help of the World Bank Group through the multi-donor Zimbabwe Reconstruction Fund (ZIMREF), Global Financing Facility (GFF), State and Peacebuilding Fund (SPF), Cooperation in International Waters.

As the economy continues to develop, many organisations that want to establish a brand or subsidiary there are often faced with the challenges of employment outsourcing. This is where Africa HR Solutions act as the go-to HR outsourcing partner, providing an end-to-end Zimbabwe HR outsourcing offering including Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), Employer of Record, payroll outsourcing, and other ancillary solutions, to help them implement their international business strategy successfully.

Country Profile - Zimbabwe

Population: 14.4 mn

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $7.78 bn

GDP Growth: 6.2%

Inflation: 50.24%

Foreign Direct Investment (% of GDP): 2.4%

Unemployment Rate: 4.9 %

Capital: Harare

Currency: Zimbabwe Dollar

Languages: English, Shona, Ndebele


Zimbabwe's Economy

Considered as a landlocked economy in Southern Africa, between South Africa and Zambia, Zimbabwe is rich in mining resources such as platinum, gold, diamonds, and nickel. In terms of agriculture, the country has an abundance of maize, tobacco, and cotton. Zimbabwe is known to have had a tough economic and financial environment for a long time (2000-2009) impacted by hyperinflation causing liquidity and currency shortages. Today, with international help, including the World Bank, there have been significant investments to reconstruct Zimbabwe in various sectors such as sanitation, water, health, education, infrastructure among others. The country has high potential in the tourism sector, and it is a member of SADC (Southern African Development Community).

Public Holidays in Zimbabwe

New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Independence Day

Labour Day

Africa Day

Heroes’ Day

Defence Forces Day

Unity Day

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

Employment in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, a written employment contract is preferred, delineating all the details concerning the employee, such as the monthly wage, compensation, and termination requirements. It is more advisable that employment contracts define the wage in Zimbabwean dollars instead of a foreign currency. Employees are entitled to sick, parental, and vacation leaves. Africa HR Solutions work alongside you to devise a competitive benefits scheme that will attract the best talent to your organisation and participate in your international business goals to drive your company to new heights.