Tunisia - Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Africa HR Solutions provides Tunisia PEO services (Professional Employer Organization) for organizations that want to hire expats and local nationals in Tunisia. We enable you to run payroll without first establishing a branch office or subsidiary in Tunisia. Your workforce is hired according to local labor laws. 

As a Tunisia PEO expert, Africa HR Solutions manages employment contract best practices and guarantees 100% compliance for your workers in Tunisia.

How Should I Conduct Business in Tunisia

Welcome to Tunisia, officially known as the Republic of Tunisia situated in Northern Africa bordering the Mediterranean Coast, Libya and Algeria. Land of cultures, sandy beaches and breath-taking panoramic views. Tunisia is one of the destinations who fascinates both tourists and expats. The Sahara Desert, one of the most popular sites forms part of the splendid decor offered to million of visitors. Tunisia has a current population of 11.4 million inhabitants whose increase is set to be positive for the next few years.

Payroll Outsourcing in Tunisia

Main Exports:




Olive oil.

Main Imports:

Metal products




Transportation equipment.

Main Trading Partners:

France, other countries of European Union, North African countries.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP):

$124.3 billion

2.3% growth

1.8% 5-year annual growth

$11,300 per capita

Unemployment Rate: 13.3%

Global Ranking in Economy Progress 2016: 114th


Tunis is the official capital city of Tunisia and considered as one of the most interesting cities of the region where the Eastern and Western influences meet, it is home to thousands of cultures and where cultural sites, restaurants, bars and markets can be found along the town.


Tunisian dinar


Arabic is the official language of Tunisia and French is the second language. Both are used for education, administration and political purposes


Tunisia has an assorted economy, mainly dependent on agriculture, mining, tourism and manufacturing.  However, the agronomic sector is one of the main pillar of the country, employing the majority of workforce. Considered as a prosperous country, Tunisia’s economic development is set to be positive. The major agricultural products are: wheat, dates, almonds, fruits etc… As one of the richest resources in Phosphates and Iron Ore, it is beyond doubt the main strength of the country.

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