Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) serviceS in Africa

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An Africa PEO is a Professional Employment Organisation that delivers the full range of in-country employment outsourcing and payroll services to multinational organisations in Africa.

An African PEO provider has an in-depth understanding of the regulatory regimes and local labour laws that exist across the African continent.

Leveraging its local expertise, a Professional Employment Organisation in Africa helps enhance the operational agility of multinational organisations, both commercial businesses and NGOs, that have decided to enter new territories across the continent and allows them to execute their market expansion strategies in a compliant and cost-effective manner.

Through its tailored HR outsourcing solutions, an African PEO plays a key role in enabling its multinational clientele to appropriately deliver private investment and/or international aid across the African continent.

Why use a PEO Solution in Africa?

If you are looking to establish or expand your activity in Africa, but you do not have an established entity in your target destination/s, a PEO solution can enable you to proceed with launching your operations. Outsourcing to a specialist Professional Employment Organisation in Africa allows you to transfer the heavy burden of dealing with individual country complexities, the whole process of hiring employees, onboarding them and managing their payroll – all in compliance with local legislation – to an experienced service provider. As the Africa PEO expert, we have been demonstrating the efficacy of our model over the past 10 years. Our PEO solution in Africa extends across 40+ countries and over 20 industries.

Why should you burden your organisation’s distant teams with additional duties such as local entity registration, hiring human resources and fulfilling the respective payroll functions when you can simply outsource these critical functions to a reputable and trusted Africa PEO with deep local expertise that would save you the hassle, money, time and energy involved in the process?

Key Benefits

  • No need to register your own entity in country: You gain faster entry.

Engaging a specialist Africa PEO with established operation and entities across Africa allows you to skip the costly, complex and arduous process of incorporating a local entity in territories where the legislation and customary labour-related practices are foreign to you. In addition to the time and cost savings, transferring the management and execution of non-revenue generating activities to a trusted Professional Employment Organisation in Africa provides the ultimate peace of mind.

  • Your team can be operational immediately: Your activities in Africa can commence sooner.

Outsourcing to a Professional Employment Organisation in Africa is the ideal solution if you would like to get your team up and running in-country as soon as possible, in a cost-effective way. Your Africa PEO provider hires the workforce you require in a legally compliant manner, in whatever number you may need, and the employees work exclusively for your organisation on a day-to-day basis.

  • An expert Africa PEO also carries out all payroll duties: You secure an integrated solution.

Your Professional Employment Organisation provider in Africa should have full capabilities to deliver your team’s respective payrolls in-country, together with the related administrative and statutory compliance tasks. This reduces payroll processing costs considerably and, by engaging a specialist Africa PEO with a track record operating within the constraints of local labour laws and customary practices, together with cross-border payments and local currency transfer capabilities, ensures compliance as well as accurate and timely payments.

  • Compliance and risk mitigation: Ensuring appropriate legal responsibility.

A Professional Employment Organisation with wide coverage across the continent of Africa is an expert at operating within differing legal environments that each have their own complexities in terms of employment law and compliance regulations. As a thought leader that is knowledgeable in local legislation, an Africa PEO acts accordingly when updates are promulgated to ensure that the payroll management remains compliant with national labour laws and the associated regulatory frameworks, as well as suggesting best practices that may be relevant to a client’s specific industry or activity. Engaging the services of an Africa PEO ultimately eliminates the risks of regulatory non-compliance and penalties in a foreign country that can cause severe reputational damage for the client’s group.

  • Economies of scale: Leveraging volumes for your benefit.

An established Professional Employment Organisation in Africa would have a large portfolio of employees across multiple countries who are being serviced for multinational organisations. By leveraging this volume, established Africa PEO providers are able to negotiate comprehensive employee benefit packages at cost-effective rates, including insurance coverage, pension funds, telecoms services, motor vehicles leases and IT equipment purchases or leases. Providing access to leading employee benefits significantly enhances the motivation of local teams and provides the tools for successful performance.

When to use an Africa PEO service provider?

When time is of the essence and you need to launch operations quickly.

When expanding into a new African territory, one of the most arduous and stressful challenges for a multinational organisation, whether a commercial business or NGO, is fully understanding the specific countries’ labour legislation, payroll regulations, mandatory and non-mandatory benefits, compliance exigencies and customary practices with regards to HR management. An Africa Professional Employment Organisation specialises in all these areas on a daily basis and also alleviates the need to establish and register your own entity in-country in order to launch your operations.

When you need your teams to be up and running as soon as possible, employed and paid in a legally compliant manner.

An Africa PEO fulfils all legal employer obligations in-country and is able to hire and onboard the temporary or permanent employees that your organisation requires in-country in significantly less time than a foreign organisation could. Outsourcing to a specialist Professional Employment Organisation in Africa also ensures absolute compliance with local labour law and regulatory frameworks, which is difficult to grasp without the appropriate local expertise.

When you wish to offer your resources operating in Africa more than the mandatory benefits.

An established Professional Employment Organisation in Africa will ensure that all mandatory employee benefits are included, but is also able to extend beyond the bare minimum when clients wish to offer additional benefits to their workforce, either as an incentive or to align with standard group benefits that apply to all their global employees in accordance with existing corporate policies. Additional benefits may include comprehensive health insurance coverage, travel insurance, contribution to pension funds as well as other fringe benefits.

When you need to deploy expatriate staff in Africa, make sure they are happy to be there.

An experienced Professional Employment Organisation in Africa has full capabilities to deliver end-to-end immigration support services on behalf of its multinational clientele. Obtaining work permits and resident permits for dependants (if applicable) can be a stressful process but, if approached correctly and in a seamless manner, can help motivate expatriate staff and ensure that their new employment begins on the right note. Deploying expatriate staff to work in Africa is already a costly process, but engaging the services of an African PEO with a track record in immigration support provides transparency and helps eliminate unforeseen expenses by diligently adhering to all required processes in-country.

When flexibility is key.

A reputable Africa PEO provider not only facilitates hiring of staff, but also takes the lead on reassignments and terminations of contracts. In particular, an Africa Professional Employment Organisation is well placed to assist when operating and economic environments change and there is accordingly a need to rapidly amend employment contracts, adjust salaries, redeploy staff and/or terminate resources, all of which will be delivered in a legally compliant, transparent and respectful manner.

Why choose Africa HR Solutions as your Africa PEO?

Africa HR Solutions offers everything you should be looking for in a specialist Africa Professional Employment Organisation. We are exclusively focused on the African market and our high-calibre team is composed of fully bilingual experts, covering English and French-speaking African countries.

Accordingly, if you are looking to establish a presence in Africa, or need to strengthen your foothold across the continent, without wanting to register an entity in-country, engaging Africa HR Solutions can add value to your strategic initiatives. Our solid credentials and track record over the past 10 years have culminated in consistently high-quality standards and constant reliability in terms of service delivery.

Whether you are looking at employing local nationals in Africa and/or hiring expatriates in Africa, you can rely on our full range of capabilities and trusted operating model to meet your requirements in a cost-effective and transparent manner.

Under our Africa PEO service, we are able to compliantly onboard, employ, conduct the end-to-end payroll activities and manage employee benefits for your employees and contractors in Africa, together with a range of in-country support services.

  1. We become your local entity in English and French-speaking Africa.
  • No need to set up or register a local entity to start operating immediately.
  • We simplify the whole process to facilitate your operations.
  • As your trusted Africa PEO provider, we are your single point of contact for all your African HR service requirements.
  • We hire your in-country teams (local nationals and expatriates) through a legally compliant employment solution and allow them to start working rapidly.

Mitigates your risks. Fast tracks your operations. Cost-effective.


  1. We understand the complexities of African payroll outsourcing.
  • We offer a fully managed end-to-end payroll service, for single or multi-country mandates, in full compliance with in-country legislation.
  • We operate daily within the African business environment and have local teams across all countries we service in Africa.
  • We have secure cross-border payments capabilities across Africa, including local currency payments.
  • We assign a dedicated Key Account Manager to each client, as well as a team of regionally focused payroll consultants.
  • We leverage sophisticated technology including best-in-class payroll software (with full employee self-service functionality).
  • We ensure accurate and timely net salary payments, including all necessary in-country statutory payments to the relevant authorities, and also process employee expense reimbursements.

Provide peace of mind that your workers are being paid accurately and on time.


  1. We provide in-country support to your workforce, enabling successful operations in-country.
  • As your Africa PEO provider, we ensure that new employee onboarding is a streamlined process.
  • Our dedicated support team provides worker-related in-country assistance.
  • We procure a range of employee benefits, both mandatory and customised (based on a client’s preference), including payments to third parties for insurance coverage and pension fund contributions.
  • We offer a range of ancillary services in-country such as:

–        Identifying and securing office space.

–        Leasing or purchasing IT equipment.

–        Renting or leasing motor vehicles.

–        Opening local bank and telecommunication accounts and securing accommodation for   expatriate employees.

Your teams in Africa focus on their core duties and enjoy an enhanced HR experience.


  1. Work permit and immigration assistance
  • We navigate the differing requirements, complexities and legislation relating to hiring expatriates in Africa for temporary or permanent employment.
  • We ensure that your expatriate staff obtain work and residence permits in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Our experienced in-country teams deal with all formalities and liaise directly with the local authorities until work permit applications are approved, and also provide meet-and-greet and in-country support services.

Our ownership of the end-to-end immigration process makes it seamless for you, your expatriate staff and their families.


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