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Making sure your HR activities are 100% compliant in a remote country is as important as making sure your entity is compliant in Accounting or Tax. Africa HR Solutions understand that and are there to walk our clients through the process every step of the way.

Our vast experience in Africa has taught us that it is counterproductive to try be a specialist in the 50+ countries in Africa in which we are operational. It is for that reason that we have formed a network of HR In Country Partners (ICP) in each country.   Each has been carefully selected against a rigorous set of criteria.

Do you need HR Consulting assistance for your employees in Africa?

  • Personally recommended
    Being active in a country has allowed us to build a relationship over many years with people on the ground in each country who are respected members of their business community. We have utilised that network to gain personal referrals.
  • Experience of HR ICP
    We need to ensure the HR ICP selected has relevant experience and up to date knowledge of the HR regulations of their country. We know the profile of our clients and have selected the correctly positioned ICP to best be able to meet their needs. Prior to engagement, each ICP is referenced from numerous sources.  
  • Size of company
    In Africa, bigger is not always better. Our philosophy has been to select organisations that have enough partners to be always available to assist, but are small enough to guarantee our HR needs are simply passed onto a junior clerk. As we are aligning the local HR practices with the international practices of the client, the ICP resource needs to have a more detailed level of understanding than is normally associated with a HR process for an entity only operating in that country.