Employer of Record In Africa

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Africa HR Solutions provides Employer of Record services in 43 countries across the African continent. 

We guarantee 100% compliance to local laws and regulations for your business in Africa.

Our Africa employer of record services (EOR Africa) enable organizations to hire employees and run payroll without the need to setup a registered entity. This is applicable to for both temporary or permanent employment in the country of assignment.


How does it work?

  • Africa HR Solutions will act as the Employer of Record
  • We handle the recruitment, employment and payroll functions
  • Your organization can fully focus on the operational management of  the employees


Good to know

The local employment contract will be drafted to be in accordance to your specific requirements and internal policies. 

Note: The employment contract will be governed by the legislation of the country of assignment, including, but not limited to all applicable rules & procedures in terms of:

– minimum salary

– probation period

– notice period

– leave pay

– termination

– severance pay


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